Sebastian Stamm

About Sebastian

Sebastian was born in a small town called Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg. Already at a very young age he discovered his passion for movement. Sebastian tried each and every type of sport his more or less rural region offered. From gymnastics, tennis, ballet and basketball to karate, taekwondo and skateboarding, he tried it all. But none of these sport ever fully satisfied him. He felt there was no connection to music and emotion, and he didn't like being bound by the rules dictated upon him by these sports. He felt like he wasn't free and wanted to be on the side of creation, not just plain execution. At 15 a music video introduced him to his first great love: breakdance. Since there was no school for breakdance, he taught himself and trained in his garage, in the attic and at youth centres nearby. Soon his newly founded crew "Chaotix" saw its first successes and started performancing. In 2006 Sebastian qualified for the IDO Worldchampionships as a solo breakdancer and made 9th place among 83 breakdancers. Unfortunately, it was hard making a living through breakdance; the area he lived in didn't offer enough opportunity for up-and-coming breakdancers. He started a training-programm as a retail salesman, still spending every minute of his spare time breakdancing. After 4 years in retail, he quit his job and traveled to Egypt for his dancing career. This turned out to introduce him to his second GREAT love: chinese pole. This art and skill immediately captivated and fascinated him. From now on he practiced day in day out. Within weeks he had a performance ready and immediately performed it on stage. After moving back to Germany he kept on practicing and training autodidactically. And besides the chinese pole, he also started poledance. Within a year he qualified for the German Poledance Championships and took home the gold! Then, when the German National Circusschool in Berlin got wind of him and offered him a spot in their programm, he again quit his job and moved to Berlin for his training. Sebastian graduated in the fall of 2015 and won a special prize for his performance on the chinese pole.



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